Day 1 in Trump’s America


Today hundreds of thousands of women mobilized in cities across the United States. Many more women around the world also marched in solidarity with American women and to defend their own rights. Today I marched on the Boston Common with thousands of other women, girls, men and boys. I marched with a quote on my back explaining why I was marching. It read: “Fighting for what’s right is worth it.” The quote is from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. Listening to her speech with tears rolling down my cheeks was the moment I knew my voice was important and it was time to defend my rights and share my opinions.

The march was not in resistance of Trump. It was a reaction to Trump. Yes, Trump is now the 45th president of the United States, but that doesn’t mean that I have to agree with his policies, his morals, or his beliefs. I am not going to blindly accept bigotry, racism, sexism or ignorance because Trumps administration does.

Peaceful protest has and will continue to be a defining characteristic of democracy in America. Encompassed in the first amendment, peaceful protests allow people to express their opinions and initiate change.


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