The Fault In Our Fashion Industry


Fashion, clothing, personal style etc. are all wonderful things. They allow us to express ourselves and show off our creativity and flair. One of the best feelings in the world is falling in love with and buying a new piece of clothing.  But while I love fashion, I have a serious bone to pick with the fashion industry: It is extremely hard for me to wrap my head around why we are still modeling clothes after a size 0 when the average women’s size in the United States is a size 16-18.

Recently, I have been beginning to notice something about the plus sized fashion industry that has left me more confused than happy or angry. Sometimes while I’m online shopping, I have ventured into the plus sized section to see what the store has to offer. As I look through the models wearing the products, it seems like rather than designing clothes fit for a plus-sized frame, stores have simply enlarged the same pieces from their original size and left it at that.

I think that it’s a wonderful concept, everyone being able to wear the same thing no matter their size. But, it’s not so great if half of these women don’t feel flattered or beautiful in what they wear solely because the store only took into consideration the larger size of the women and not the addition of curves.

My point isn’t to say that women who wear plus sizes can’t rock the same clothes as those who don’t. Let me get one thing straight: the absolutely CAN. All the plus-sized models on these websites I scroll through look incredible. Nor do I believe in the stigma that there are certain pieces that plus-sized girls “shouldn’t wear.” As I said before plus-sized girls, or any girl, in fact, can look amazing in any piece of clothing, but I empathize with those who crave something that was made with them in mind and I think that these stores could take the same exact pieces and modify their shape to be more flattering to their plus-sized consumers.

Everyone deserves to be able to love how they look in their clothes and I think that stores are on the right track offering the same trends in both plus and not plus-sized styles. But the next step for the fashion industry is to take a piece of clothing and make it something both women size two to twenty-two can love wearing.


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