First Commentary


There have been many articles written by Newton North students since the election of Donald Trump. All are written through a leftist lens; and, all are written with pure distaste for the current president. This is a very easily noticed pattern. However, I also noticed something else, but I doubt that most of Newton North readers noticed this: virtually all of the writers are white.

The reason I noticed this was because it greatly tainted the credibility of the writers in my eyes. They are white leftists, espousing views that seem noble on the surface but are, in my opinion, downright insidious. Almost all of the articles were calls to action, stating that the “people” should rise up and resist Trump’s America. I see two glaring flaws in these articles, and so I have two questions.

My first question is why is this call to action now, of all times? Minorities were treated with contempt long before President Trump. I was called slurs for many years before Trump. Where was the outrage then? Sure, Trump’s election is a single, standout incident, but it begs the question “Why now?” I think I know the answer: the problem we all live with has risen to the surface. It was never deep beneath the surface to begin. Yet white leftists are only now finally coming to terms with the genuine reality of this as opposed to “knowing the struggle.” That annoys me, the hypocrisy. The only reason white leftists seem to care now is because the ugly truth is staring them right in the face unlike before where it was a matter left to the side. “We don’t have to deal with it too much; no one cares anyway.” That statement is what I believe to be the best summation of white liberals before Trump. It seems to stem from the bubble that most white leftists live in; the problem doesn’t confront them so it can wait or it may not exist at all. It’s similar to the SNL sketch with Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock: the white liberals were shocked during election night, but Chappelle and Rock simply laughed it off. They had to deal with hatred from the beginning. white liberals are only now choosing to deal with it. Why do they all of a sudden care now? Trumpettes will surely criticize them, label them “cucks,” but it could be worse. They could be minorities. That is what angers me even more: white liberals are choosing to act now, only when this country has hit rock bottom. Not when it was near rock bottom, but rock bottom. It is nothing more than a case of too little, too late.

My second question is who are these vague “people?” I have always noticed this paternalistic tone in white liberals that reminds me of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “White Man’s Burden.” It seems to me that white, specifically suburban, leftists have this self-proclaimed obligation to lift minorities and other downtrodden people. This is no different than Kipling’s proclamation that the white man has a duty to uplift the “sullen” and “half-devil, half-child” races into modernity. The arrogance and the condescension are palpable. The paternalism itself is not even the worst part. It is the false mask so many white liberals put on that. Kipling claims that “We know your struggle, and we are here to help.” No, you do not know our struggle, and, no, we do not need your help. We can help ourselves. We are human beings with voices.

This is the root of this arrogance. White liberals seemingly forget that minorities are not helpless children; they seemingly forget that, we too are human beings. Their plastic concern only hurts the “cause” rather than help it. For example last year, one of the many false bomb threats was called while I was in World History class. Once Mr. Aronson declared the situation to be safe, the class tried to lighten the mood by joking about the bomb threat. A few people—for some reason or another—were greatly offended by this. They believed, and I quote that “there are people that live through that [bomb threats/bombings] every day so you shouldn’t be joking about it.” This annoyed me to no end. Why did point was there in saying this? Well, no shit people live through this; people live through virtually everything. Do we have to be conscious of it all? And why did those liberals feel obligated to speak for those people they claim to care about? If they really cared, then they would have cried out against Obama’s drone program. If they really cared, then they would be greater critics of US foreign policy. But no, it seems to all be a seeming lie for white liberals to validate themselves.

Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth discusses this phenomenon in greater detail. Fanon explains that “the settler [that is the paternalistic white] only ends his work of breaking in the native [that is the minority] when the latter admits loudly and intelligibly the supremacy of the white man’s values [when the minority regurgitates the same white Leftist agenda].” The white liberal almost seems to want to be the face of the movement, to be the engine and the force; minorities seem to be left with the grunt work. Now this criticism is not exclusive to white liberals; it is very apparent on both sides. The right knows it is the settler; it exclaims it with a racist pride. You do not need to write an article about the garbage the right has turned into (but who’s to say I won’t). The right is becoming the Alt Right—affectionately the Alt Reich, enough said. But I digress. The point is that white liberals do this same type of “breaking in,” but they do it in a smarter, more hidden way. I suggest that they stop.

Now many of you probably think that I am an Uncle Tom, forgiving the right for its immensely unforgivable acts. I am not. As I said before, you do not need to write an article about the right. Look no further than Trump. Now with all these harsh criticisms of Leftists, I must say I am mostly left-leaning. However, I am neither white nor an idiot. I can cut through the bull of both sides. I can undoubtedly say that currently, the white liberals have their hearts in the right place. They have a noble goal, but they are going about it terribly. I only ask that white liberals talk to minorities not at them. We are not children. And it seems you are going in the right direction; the Women’s March showed all colors in its leadership and its participants. Let’s just hope the trend continues.



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